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The concept of calling people — not places — is becoming more and more popular among wireless phone users. Based on a recent survey conducted by the Yankee, Group 56% of wireless users stated that they were interested in a One Number Service. This showed an increase of 10% over the same 1996 study which shows that wireless users are becoming more and more interested in One Number Service each year.

One Number Service allows subscribers to consolidate all of their numbers (i.e., cellular, office, home, fax, pager, etc.) into one number that can reach them anywhere. When someone calls a One Number Service subscriber, the system will attempt to locate the subscriber by either sequentially or simultaneously ringing a series of numbers that the subscriber has identified and loaded into their personal reach list. The service will not only try and locate the subscriber, but it also allows the subscriber to screen incoming calls and decide whether or not to accept or reject the calls — without the caller knowing, on a call by call basis.

Their service has proven to be a great benefit to both current and new subscribers who move around a lot during the average day and who rely heavily on wireless service to keep apprised of and manage business activities. Subscribers who receive incoming calls also find the service appealing. One Number Service is ideal for those subscribers who need to keep in touch, yet control their accessibility, and who value convenience and simplicity.

Call WizardTM is a revolutionary new product that links your cellular phone with your landline phone. When Call WizardSM Service is activated, it allows cellular phone users to send their incoming cellular phone calls to a designated local phone. This can be your home phone, office phone or any location of your choice. Call Wizard ServiceTM also allows operation of two units, at two separate locations (e.g. - one at home, and one at your office). On those cellular calls that are forwarded, no cellular airtime charges are incurred. The call is handled as a call coming into a local phone.

Call Wizard works by using a sophisticated technology, and is very easy to set up and use. When your cellular phone is turned off, you can route calls to your home or office simply by pressing the "FORWARD" button. When you turn your cellular phone on, routing to the local phone is canceled, and your cellular phone will operate as normal. Call WizardTM works with your existing cellular phone, no matter whether it is analog or digital, and it works with your existing home or office phone.

MobilEZ Data Link is a circuit switched wireless data service which offers users the ability to transmit wireless data from their laptops/notebooks by using their cellular phone and a cellular enhanced PC Card modem. MobilEZTM Data Link provides a more reliable and efficient connection for wireless data through the use of modem pools in the cellular network. The service is activated by dialing *DATA (*3282) plus the destination number from the users application.

Approximately 40% of the people who want cellular service cannot qualify due to industry credit standards. Other cellular customers simply don't want to be bothered with contracts and bills. Now BellSouth Cellular has a plan that any customer can purchase off the shelf and begin using right away - Prepaid Cellular Service. The customer simply purchases a cellular phone and a prepaid cellular calling card, similar to prepaid long distance cards, and begins making calls. When the card's value is depleted, they can replenish their account or simply purchase another card. BellSouth Prepaid Cellular Service is now deployed in all BellSouth Mobility and American Cellular Corp. (ACC) markets.

One of the most important goals of our company is to lower the cost associated with signing up new customers. Cellular To Go is one important tool in our cost-cutting arsenal. The product is a prepackaged cellular phone and service plan that the customer purchases off the shelf at grocery stores, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, etc. They take the product home, call a toll free number to activate it and begin making calls immediately. BellSouth pays the retailer a margin on the product in lieu of the high commissions associated with traditional channels of distribution, thus significantly lowering our acquisition cost. The product line features a variety of cellular phones designed to attract a wide range of customers. Cellular To Go is being rolled out rapidly to all BellSouth Mobility and ACC properties.

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