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BellSouth's Tennessee Operations, with headquarters in Nashville, serves 80 percent of Tennessee's population in 60 percent of the state's territory with more than 2.6 million customer lines. This is the third-largest state operation in the company's nine-state region.

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BellSouth's Tennessee Network

Even though BellSouth's Tennessee rates are among the lowest in the nation, the company's network infrastructure in Tennessee is as modern as any in the nation, featuring widespread deployment of fiber optic lines and digital switching in every exchange. The company invests more than $350 million for modernization and expansion of its Tennessee infrastructure every year.

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Number of BellSouth Tennessee employees (approx): 6,700
Number of Tennessee switching centers: 203
Number of digital switching centers: 196
Percent digital access lines: 94%
Percent customer access to ISDN: 100%
Number of Tennessee counties with BellSouth customers: 73 of 95
Miles of Fiber Optic cable in Tennessee (a/o 12/98): 311,000
Number of telephone lines served by BellSouth in Tennessee:

Total BellSouth Lines: 2.68 Million
Residence: 1.92 million
Business & Public: .76 Million

Committed to our Tennessee Communities:

Annual Contributions: $2 million
BellSouth Senior Classic Proceeds: $800,000 (5 years)
Bellsouth Foundation Grants: $2.5 million (10 years)
Volunteer Hours: 1 million hours

Capital Investment in Tennessee:

BellSouth Telecommunications and BellSouth Mobility: $422 million

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BellSouth intrastate operations are regulated in Tennessee by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Interstate operations are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

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There are more than 100 companies authorized to offer local telephone service in Tennessee.

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