Expanded local calling area

Expanded local calling area comes to Concordia Parish.

Calls between Ferriday and Vidalia, calls between Monterey and Vidalia, and calls between Ferriday and Monterey, will become toll free effective January 17, 2002, thanks to action taken by Commissioner Dale Sittig and the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Beginning January 17, BellSouth customers with flat-rate service will no longer have to pay toll or usage charges for calls between these locations. Additionally, all calls within the newly expanded local calling areas must be dialed on a seven-digit basis. Calls between Vidalia and Natchez, Mississippi, must continue to be dialed on a 10-digit basis (area code + seven-digit number).

The following chart lists the area code and the first three digits of the telephone numbers included in both your current local calling area and your expanded local calling area. Please save the chart for future reference.

If you are a BellSouth
customer calling from:
Your local calling area includes telephone numbers beginning with:
Area code 318: 336, 386, 650, 719, 757, 758
Area code 318: 336, 386, 650, 719, 757, 758
Area code 318: 336, 386, 650, 719, 757, 758
Area code 601: 210, 223, 304, 308, 334, 361,
392, 417, 431, 442, 443, 445, 446, 492, 514,
597, 660, 807, 814, 861, 870

NOTE: Numbers listed above are current as of 11/30/01. Local calls to communities in a different area code must be dialed on a 10-digit basis (area code + seven-digit number).

Local Optional Service, BellSouth® Area Plus® service and BellSouth Business Plus® calling plan

If you subscribe to one of these plans, you should continue to place calls to other communities included in your plan as you do today. You may wish to review your calling patterns to determine if these calling plans still meet your needs. If you need additional information, please contact your BellSouth service representative at 557-6500 for home service or 557-6000 for business service.

Thank you for choosing BellSouth as your local telecommunications services provider. We value you as a customer and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

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