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  1. What is Web Mail?
  2. How can Web Mail be Free?
  3. Who would need or want Web Mail?
  4. What benefits does Web Mail provide?
  5. What type of browser do I need?
  6. How do I get it?
  7. How to use Web Mail?

What is Web Mail?

Web Mail is free web-based email, plain and simple. Sending and receiving email using Web Mail is as easy as coming to, clicking the 'Free E-Mail icon, logging on, and sending an email message. Web Mail allows you to access your personal email from any net-connected computer: in offices, homes, libraries, anywhere.

All the mailboxes you want. What's more; you can sign up for as many additional Web Mail accounts as you need free of charge. After you register for Web Mail, if you already have an existing e-mail account, you'll even be able to configure that account to be accessible via the web from our site! It's as simple as thatÉ

You can use Web Mail two ways:

  1. Getting access to your current e-mail no matter where you are -- On the road? At work? Away from home?
  2. Acquiring additional Web Mailboxes for yourself, spouse or children. You can create as many as you need - absolutely free.

Worldwide Access To Your Email
Web Mail is web-based. You can check your mail from more than one computer, and your mail will always be available to you since it is stored at Web Mail on the World Wide Web. You don't need to own a computer to use Web Mail. All you need is a web connection, and Web Mail will store all of your email for future reference.

Improved Privacy
Web Mail provides you with maximum privacy and security.

  • If you shared your computer in the past and worried about privacy, now you don't have to. Web Mail is your own private email account.

It Is Permanent And Convenient
Web Mail gives you a permanent email address.

  1. If you change Internet Service Providers, you'll still have your same account,
  2. and you won't have to inform all of your friends of your new address. It's your free lifetime email address!

Useful Features

  1. Address Book: Web Mail is your global address book. No need to carry all of your contacts with you. We store all of your personal contacts on the world wide web, allowing you to travel light.
  2. Attachments: you can send web pages or gifs directly from Web Mail, and it will be automatically displayed for the person at the other end. No need to wait for long downloads.
  3. Vacation Reply: we'll automatically respond to people when you are away. Just tell us when and what to say.

How can Web Mail be free?

BellSouth is offering this service in conjunction with Bigfoot, and together we can offer this service free to our users because it is entirely supported by advertising banners that you see at the bottom of each Web Mail page

Who would need or want Web Mail?

Web Mail offers something for everyone free of charge. Are you tired of sharing your e-mail box with other people in your household or small business? Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to have his or her own mailbox without paying extra access fees? With Web Mail, everyone who registers gets his or her own private e-mail account without any additional costs. In fact, Web Mail requires no set-up installation or maintenance.

A Mobile Professional?
Have you ever been away from the office and unable to check your e-mail? With Web Mail, if you can get to the Internet, you can get to your e-mail. Using our remote access feature, you can also read mail sent to other e-mail accounts, such as your regular work e-mail, or personal e-mail. Web Mail lets you travel light.

Web Mail is a free web-based email account which allows you to access your email from any computer in the world with a browser. All you need to do is Register and Login. Click here to set-up a free Web Mail account.

What benefits does Web Mail provide?

For users with a single e-mail account, Web Mail offers the ability to:

  1. Create multiple additional mailboxes for family or convenience at no additional cost.
  2. Access all their mailboxes (primary POP as well as additional Web-mailboxes) seamlessly from anywhere they have Web access.

For users with multiple e-mail accounts, Web Mail offers the ability to:

  1. Access all their mailboxes (POP as well as additional Web-mailboxes) seamlessly from anywhere they have Web access.
  2. Manage all their mailboxes from a single interface.

What type of browser do I need?

To use the frames-version of Web Mail, you will need a frames and Javascript compatible browser such as Netscape, version 3.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 3.0 or higher. The browser that came with your account works fine.

How do I get it?

Signing up for Web Mail is easy!

  1. Just click on the "Sign me up" icon below. You will need your subscription login ID and password to subscribe.
  2. Once you've entered the registration page, follow the instructions provided on the screen. Remember, when signing up for Web Mail, you'll need to indicate which product (or both) you wish to register for:
  • Access to your existing e-mail account no matter where you are via the Web. For this service you will use your existing e-mail address and password
  • An additional Web Mailboxes for yourself, spouse or children (created one at a time). For this service, you will create another e-mail address and password.

Sign me up for Web Mail!

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